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The Company


To Re-define Commerce for specialty lighting products.

Wow, that's a big statement!

Yes, we have a large vision. No, we aren't thinking too big. Here's a rundown: eBay was the start, but it's a limiting model and requires a person to have a supply of goods already. The next generation of commerce will require more guiding and information at your fingertips.

Retailing for a wholesalers Point of View

H&M is pioneering the information platform for this future specialty lighting commerce - retailing for a wholesalers POV - a new form of product information, big and small, who wouldn't be able to otherwise find an item to fill their needs.

We try to make sure you get the most out of your commerce experience. For items that seem high priced, we offer suggested replacements. For products that are commonly sold with other items, we have an accessories section right on the main page for every item! Then if you are looking at an item and it just doesn't seem like what you need we also have a similar items section just to compare.

Our Technology

Unlike most web companies, we deal with real physical products. That doubles the challenge and, hence, the fun. The best part is we get to tackle difficult problems that you may have never encountered before.