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Cross Referencing :: Let Us Do the Work

The Old Way

The normal cross referencing of an item is hard, real hard, especially if you are not familiar with the items. If you wanted to cross reference an item you'd have to find the manufacturers catalog either in person or online that you want to buy. Then you have to look up in their cross reference section to find the unit you have in your hand, and if you haven't pulled your hair out yet, wait, you are going to. Next if you are lucky and find a manufacturer that has a cross reference section from the other manufacturer's item you want to cross, and you actually do find your item, you then have to research what item they are telling you to use. The reason for this is, just because they say A is B, doesn't mean it's true!

Due to those methods if you were unlucky enough to not find your item, you have to repeat that process all over again with another manufacturers cross reference guide.

Now imagine having the opportunity to cross reference your item with over 100 other manufacturers, to either find an item that is no longer made, you aren't happy with the current product or you just want to see if someone else can make it less expensive. Semperlite has been building their database solution for you.


H&M's Way - Easing your needs and finding you as many replacement choices

Chances are if you are on our site trying to cross an item you have been through the pain staking process before.

At H&M, we've been building the technology and solutions for this exact purpose. All you have to do to get started crossing an item is to choose your section. Then, using our online guides, you can find everything you need and more.

Some of our most popular cross references is lampholders, ballasts, freezer ballasts and batteries.