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We offer Drop Shipping, Blind Shipping and Same Day Shipping on orders placed prior to 1pm PST


H&M Distributors, Inc. is a lighting wholesale company. We have been providing cost effective lighting components since 1998. We are located in Henderson, NV right off the I-215 and Gibson Road.

We specialize in providing cost effective replacement ballasts along with a large assortment of lampholders and lampholder accessories. We also carry a full line of ballasts, capacitors, batteries, case cords, shelf harnesses, exit lighting, lamps, low-voltage transformers, shatter-resistant lighting, starters, under-cabinet lighting, LED, LED under cabinet lighting, LED drivers, T4 and T5 linear fluorescent lamps, wire nuts and refrigeration case parts.

One of the most unique parts of H&M is our extensive cross-reference guide for all of our products. In our lampholder cross-reference we cross over 28 different companies. In the ballast cross reference you can find Anthony International, Valmont, Howard and many more ballasts crossed to cost-effective replacements.

We also pride ourselves on same day shipping! All orders received before 1pm PST will ship same day, providing all items are in stock and it's not a special order.


What's on-demand? It means that every single product we offer has been requested by you, the customer, and now is stocked in our warehouse. Pretty cool, huh? This is made possible due to years of research and allowing customers to make requests for items that are not so common, and us reacting to your needs.


We enable consumers to buy lighting products directly from a wholesaler, instead of a retailer (our return rate is <2%). This isn't a small retail store. We're a large wholesale commerce that just happens to listen to their customer needs, which make the possibilities endless. Compare that to a typical ecommerce lighting store, where you buy from a massive database of items that are never in stock, and never ship within 2 weeks.

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